Honda: The Best Has Always Been Yet To Come

If you’re like most people, you don’t put too much thought into your car every day, especially if it’s getting you where you need to go and isn’t causing you too many problems. But do you ever think about how your vehicle came to be? There’s a lot to know about the history of Honda and how it became the behemoth of a brand it is today. While you may be more focused on getting the kids to soccer practice, you’d be amazed at all the hard work that went into creating this empire.

Honda Was Established

It was back in the middle of the last century when Honda came onto the scene as a top automaker. The year was 1948, and automobiles were new. But you may be in for a surprise to know that the first Honda wasn’t a car. It certainly wasn’t an SUV or a truck. It was, in fact, a motorcycle. While it may be a far cry from what we drive today, we know that this is where it all started.

Honda Comes to America

Although Honda was started in Japan, it didn’t take long to jump the Pacific Ocean to make its way to the United States. In 1959, Honda launched in the United States, offering a new brand of vehicles to drivers in a whole new region. The company was established in Los Angeles, California, to serve the needs of American drivers.

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The Honda Accord Comes Onto the Scene

There are some vehicles that define their decades, and there are other vehicles that stick around for far longer. The Honda Accord is one of those vehicles. It came onto the scene in 1976, but it seems like it’s been around forever. Who doesn’t love this ride? It’s simple and yet packs a punch of style where it’s most needed. Though many people bought this vehicle in the ‘70s when it came out, you can continue to see it on the road today because it’s just that popular. In fact, since its start until today, it’s been the best-selling passenger car in America. Talk about longevity!

But now, Honda is moving forward with innovative new technology that’s sure to make your ride even more comfortable now and for years to come in the future.

In the current day, you’re trying to get into a new car. What brand should you shop from? Honda, of course. Come and see the vehicles we have in stock here at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska.