Lisa’s Radial Café Is Your New Go-To Spot

Buttermilk pancakes on a diner table

Lisa’s Radial Café is an iconic Omaha restaurant. Housed in a building constructed in 1938, the restaurant has served customers for over two decades. The diner is known for its heaping portions of delicious food, friendly service, and its traditions, such as staying open for Easter. If you’ve yet to grab breakfast or lunch at Lisa’s Radial Café, you’re in for a real treat. Get the scoop on the most popular dishes, and then stop by for a tasty meal.

Fuel Up With the Titanic

If there was ever a food that lived up to its name, it’s the Titanic. You will get a Titanic-sized portion of hash browns, biscuits, eggs, and chicken fried steak. Then, of course, it’s smothered in country sausage gravy. Bring your appetite with you if you intend to order this dish. Even if you’re hungry, you might not be able to eat it all. That’s okay, though, since your friends and family will be eyeing your plate, hoping you’ll offer them a bite. You can eat what you want and then let them dig into the leftovers.

Chow Down on Massive Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast

The pancakes and stuffed French toast are also sure to fill you up. The pancakes are massive, fluffy, and delicious, while the stuffed French toast is filled with fruit and cream cheese. Both are so good that it’s hard to pick one over the other. If you do some strategic ordering, your breakfast companion can order one, and you can get the other. Then you can share. Once you finish, see if you have a favorite. Don’t be surprised if you agree that they are both a 10 out of 10.

Check the Specials

You’ll also want to check the specials when you eat at Lisa’s Radial Café. The restaurant offers lunch specials throughout the week, and they are also delicious. Popular specials include spaghetti, smothered hamburger, and prime rib melts. The specials change often, so you never know what you might find when you dine there.

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Try the Delicious Sandwiches

The delicious sandwiches are yet another reason to go to Lisa’s Radial Café. First, there’s the classic hot roast beef sandwich that includes homemade mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. Oh, and the turkey cranberry cream cheese sandwich is one of the best items on the menu. It’ll help you get your Thanksgiving fix in the summer. Plus, you can enjoy classic sandwiches, such as the chicken club or tuna sandwich. Add in the burgers, and you can easily find something that satisfies your cravings each time you come here.

It’s hard to describe just how good Lisa’s Radial Café is. It lives up to its reputation as one of the best places to eat in Omaha, Nebraska, so make plans to head over soon.