10 Recipes From Nebraska That Everyone Loves

Homemade sweet potato cake dessert on white plate.With help from our friends at Taste of Home, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best recipes originating right here in the Cornhusker State. 


It’s impossible to discuss Nebraska and food and not mention the runza. As Nebraskan as Cornhusker football, the runza is a bread pocket, made with yeast dough, stuffed with delicious beef, onions, cabbage, and seasonings. 

Chicken Corn Fritter

As you can imagine, corn makes its way into many Nebraskan’s favorite dishes. Corn fritters are particularly common as an appetizer, but we love this recipe because it is hearty enough to be eaten as an entrée. 

Smoky Espresso Steak

The best part about this glorious hunk of goodness, its rubbed with espresso, cocoa, and pumpkin spice then grilled to perfection. Who doesn’t love a thick, juicy, delicious steak? Well…vegetarians, but this post isn’t for them.

Deluxe Hash Brown Casserole

This is the most addictive hash brown casserole recipe you’ll ever try. Beware: May be habit-forming. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

One-Pot Chilighetti 

Chili + Spaghetti?!? How could you go wrong with this delicious flavor combo? Grab a BIG pot this one’s great for dinner parties. Hearty, delicious, and sure to delight.

Beef Nacho Pie

Nebraskan’s love combining classic dishes. Easy to create and just as easy to devour, the Beef Nacho Pie. Yes, it’s as savory as it sounds. 

Shredded French Dip 

We all know that Nebraskans know how to work hard and play hard. This recipe for slow-simmered chuck roast is easy to put together before work. Just throw it in a slow cooker before you leave, and the party awaits on your arrival home.  

Cola Barbecue Ribs 

We’re sure billionaire financier Warren Buffet would love this recipe considering his love of Coca Cola. Buffet drinks five Cokes a day. We don’t know if eating this dish will make you a billionaire, but we guarantee you will feel like a million bucks. 

Eddie’s Favorite Fiesta Corn

This is my new favorite side dish. We highly recommend using fresh corn. Nebraska is America’s number one producer of white corn and this side dish highlights its deliciousness.  

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Citrus-Kissed Sweet Potato Cake

In Nebraska, it’s a crime to skip dessert. We searched from Falls City to Scotts Bluff for the best and here it is. 

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