Warm Up With A Cup Of Coffee From The Homestyle Café

Friends meeting in coffee shop on a weekend
Chili, soups, and sauces are made from scratch every single day at The Homestyle Café! They use only the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure the food that they make is the absolute best of the best! Their motto is simple, "When you eat here, it feels like home." That... [read more]

Meal Prep Like A Pro With These Hacks

meal prep lunch boxes
Meal prepping is all the rage in food trends these days. But what even is meal prepping? Essentially, it is cooking a whole lot of food all at once so that you can eat it throughout the week. If that sounds like something you are interested in, you're in the... [read more]

DIY Detailing Products For Car Owners

Woman hand drying the vehicle hood with a red towel
Do you want your vehicle to have that like-new shine and clean smell like it had when you first got it? You don't have to pay for a high-priced detailing, you can do it yourself at home! Check out these products that will make your car cleaning experience much easier... [read more]

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions With These Simple Steps

woman smiling with orange sweater in profile with new year's goals notebook in hand with unfocused christmas tree in the background
2021 is coming to an end, and it is time to start thinking about the new year! Are you looking for self-reinvention? Are you wanting to kick a bad habit? Are you maybe looking to take on a new hobby? All of these things make great New Year's resolutions! Unfortunately,... [read more]

Sweet Treats For Your Holiday Crowd

Candy Cane Fudge
Are you getting ready to serve a crowd this holiday season? If you are, you may be on the hunt for some fun, new holiday dessert recipes! Check out this Velvet Candy Cane Fudge! This make-ahead dessert only takes about 25 minutes to create plus at least a 2-hour chilling... [read more]

The Omaha Dog Bar Is Furry Friend Friendly

Dogs playing at public park
Bring your pup out for a great time at the Omaha Dog Bar! This inclusive and inviting environment is here to help you and your furry friend bond in a new and exciting way. The Omaha Dog Bar tries to provide its guests with a safe, clean, and fun space... [read more]

How To Stay Safe Driving In Icy Conditions

Car on the street covered by icy rain
There is almost nothing as scary as slipping and sliding all over the road when there are icy winter driving conditions. Some people rip up and down the icy roads without a care in the world, while other people refuse to get behind the wheel when the temperature drops below... [read more]

Spice Up Your Gameday With These Football Party Ideas

Homemade Salty Snack Party Mix
It is getting close to playoff time, which means football season is reaching its last leg. As football season starts to dwindle, super fans start to get more antsy when it is game time. People are getting tired of snacking on the same old chips and dip weekend after weekend.... [read more]

Take A Trip To The Joslyn Art Museum

People Looking at Modern Art
If you and your crew are on the hunt for something new and interesting to do, look no further than the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. The Joslyn Art Museum collects and showcases visual arts of the highest quality. They encourage appreciation and enjoyment of art for the most diverse audience. History Sarah H.... [read more]

Simple Mac-N-Cheese Recipe Perfect For Upcoming Holidays

Baked mac and cheese
Macaroni and cheese is a staple Thanksgiving dish! Most guests, young and old, look forward to dumping a big helping of mac-n-cheese onto their plate every holiday. While macaroni and cheese tastes fantastic no matter how you make it, try out this delicious and simple recipe that will have everyone... [read more]