Celebrate Mother Earth at Earth Day Omaha

2017 Earth Day Omaha

For the forty-seventh time since its inception, Earth Day is once again upon us. That means that all across the world, events will be taking place to entertain and educate the public on issues about the environment. Celebrate our planet and learn how we as citizens can help to maintain the economy.

Things To Know About Earth DayEarth Day Omaha

Founded by Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson in 1970 as part of an effort to promote public knowledge and awareness of the environment, Earth Day quickly took off all across America. The holiday has had an enormous impact on culture, encouraging communities all throughout the country to practice recycling. It also helps to promote greener consumer habits. Consequently, the Environmental Protection Agency owes it’s creation to Earth Day – as does the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Unsurprisingly, Earth Day has become the single most widely celebrated secular holiday in the world, with more as many as 141 countries participating in the event.

Celebrate Earth Day in Omaha

Earth Day Omaha is Omaha Nebraska’s grand Earth Day bash. This event is free to the public and offers lots of exciting things to do. Find everything from live music played all day long on the main stage, and dozens of local food vendors, to over 100 interesting exhibits, as well as insightful speakers, and fun demonstrations. There’s also a beer garden for the adults and dozens of fun activities for the kids at the Children’s Tent. If you are a bike rider, there is something special for you. Ride your bike to the event, and you will receive a free VIP parking in the venue’s bike parking lot.

Earth Day Omaha: Event Details

Omaha’s annual Earth Day Bash is brought to you by the Earth Day Omaha Coalition, an effort consisting of volunteers from organizations and throughout the community. The EDOC is affiliated with the Earth Day Network, the international organization responsible for Earth Day events across the globe. Earth Day Omaha is one of America’s oldest annual environmental events, beginning nearly three decades ago in 1989. It is also the city’s largest ecological showcase! The mission is to increase public awareness of environmental issues, as well as create ways that individuals and communities can help. No one said learning that couldn’t be fun, though, right? So this event is packed with great activities.

Earth Day Omaha: Get Involved

It takes a village to create something as impressive as these annual Earth Day Omaha events. If you are interested in getting involved, sign up to be a volunteer! Earth Day Omaha welcomes dozens of volunteers to cover several flexible shifts before, during and after the event. Volunteer applications can be found at the Earth Day Omaha website.

Let’s make this Earth Day the best one yet! Celebrate Mother Earth at Earth Day Omaha on April 22nd. This event will take place from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM at Elmwood Park! Need a vehicle to get you there? Find what you are looking for at Odaniel Honda. Our professionals are here to help you get into the quality Honda you need.