Free Things To Do In Omaha This Fall

Autumn leaves falling to the ground in city park.


Enjoy a weekend in Omaha with your friends, family, or with a special someone. There is so much to do and to enjoy throughout the weekend, whether you are wanting to catch a glimpse at the historical side of Omaha, the side that connects with nature, see local art, or enjoy yourself at a festival. Omaha has everything you could want for a fun weekend. Check out 10 fun, free activities to do in Omaha.

Immerse Yourself in History

History surrounds us in the United States. Everywhere you look is touched by our history as a nation, and Omaha is not the expectation of that. If you love to learn more, enjoy these historical attractions.

Visit the Mormon Trail Center to see art depictions of the Mormon’s move from Illinois to Utah in the 1800s. Or visit Boys Town’s Hall of History, Visitors Center, and the Father Flanagan House in the Omaha Historic District. Boys Town is home to the largest ball of stamps and is a non-profit organization. Finally, you could visit the Gerald R. Ford Birth Cite and Rose Gardens. The site is modeled after the original house and colonnade that the 38th U.S. president was born and grew up in.

Spend Time in Nature

Omaha has many beautiful places to convene with nature, such as the First National’s Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park. Filled with larger-than-life bronze and stainless steel sculptures, you are meant to walk alongside them and imagine what the pioneers felt when wadding west.

Styled after the gardens of Mt. Vernon in Virginia, the Mt. Vernon Gardens is filled with beautiful flowers and a view that overlooks the Mississippi River just as George Washington’s home overlooks the Potomac. Or, if you want to spend time fishing, boating, or other water-related activities, enjoy time at one of Omaha Lakes.

For those wanting more interaction during their outside time, try going to Shakespeare on the Green. Shakespearean works are put on outside with audience participation.

Experience the Arts

Art is central to life and is constantly changing. If you love to broaden your horizons, enjoy some of the art that Omaha offers. Visit the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts where both seasoned and up-coming artist displays their works. If you are wanting something a bit new, visit KANEKO. KANEKO is a place to explore art, design, and architecture.

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Enjoy a Parade

Omaha hosts many parades throughout the year. Whatever month you visit Omaha, there is sure to be a parade happening that the whole family can enjoy!

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