Help Your Teen Ace Their Driving Test

Teenage girl driving for the first time

Is your not-so-little-one about to turn 16? There are a lot of emotions that come with your children becoming old enough to drive. Not only is it tough deciding which car is the most budget-friendly but also the safest, it’s a headache ensuring your teen is ready to get behind the wheel. Prepare your 16-year-old with these driving tips!

Practice Makes Perfect

While it may be scary letting your new, inexperienced driver behind the wheel, practice makes perfect. If you want to feel comfortable letting your teen drive, you have to put them in endless scenarios behind the wheel. Let them drive during rush hour through the busy traffic, down the interstate, and through the calm neighborhood to best prepare them for different locations. That way, no matter what the road brings, they will be ready.

Limit Distractions

One of the leading causes of teenage automobile accidents is distracted driving. Parents, you have to set the rules. Tell your teen how high the volume can go on their stereo, how many passengers they are allowed to have in their car, and do not allow any texting or talking on the phone behind the wheel. The best way to show your teens that distracted driving is unacceptable is by setting an example while they watch you drive. Don’t turn up the music, pile too many people in your car, or touch your phone while you are behind the wheel.

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When Headed to the DMV

When test day rolls around, make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the DVM. Let your teenager drive on the way there and give them simple pointers. Leave early and make sure you have plenty of gas to get you there and back. Ask your teenager how they are feeling about their test. Do your best to calm their nerves and answer any last-minute questions.

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