Hot Nebraska Bands to Add to Your Playlist for this Summer!

Nebraska Bands

The pop and indie music scene seems to not want to stick to any clear labels anymore. Even ones that originate from certain states seem to want to branch out to try combining multiple genres. They also seem to want to express themselves uncensored through their music.

If you live in the Omaha, Nebraska area and are a fan of your local music scene, here are some bands you may want to consider adding to your playlist:

  • Bright Eyes-This band is known as an indie rock band and it was founded by Conor Oberst. It now consists of Conor, trumpet and piano player, Nate Wilcot and their own personal producer, Mike Mogis. They’ve been together since 1995. Oberst claims that music has always gotten him through the worst of times and that he hopes to pass that on to others through his music.
  • Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal– Their music is a combination of soul, funk, and rock. One thing that probably makes Hoyer stand out so much is the fact that he’s so raw in his emotions and so simultaneously soulful.
  • Eli Mardock-Eli Mardock is a singer-songwriter has been his own band since 2005. Especially in his hit, Everything Happens for the First Time, he combined orchestral dampness with etheric highs and gospel-like sounds. He songs have been deemed to be simultaneously dream-like and dramatic. Mardock states that he likes to show how complicated life is through his music.
  • The Decaturs-The Decaturs were founded in 2011. They consist of three high school friends, Ryan Call (bass and vocals), Charlie Encall (vocals and guitar) and Patrick Stuzman (drums). They are said to combine the blues and rock-n-roll and yet maintain the current culture.
  • Dylan Bloom Band-The members of the Dylan Bloom Band are from a Nebraska farm town called North Bend, which is along Platte River. Their music is said to reflect this and they reflect the resiliency as well as the purity within country music.
  • Icky Blossoms– Icky Blossoms is an electropop trio founded in 2011. All three of its members, Sarah Bohling, Nick Fackler and David Pressnall sing. Sarah also plays the synth. Nick and David also play multiple instruments. They combine romance with sharp mechanical grooves.
  • Kris Lager Band– The Kris Lager Band has been in existence for over a decade now. Their music doesn’t fit neatly into a single category. However, their music is said to be the type that uplifts the soul.
  • Tilly and the Wall– Tilly and the Wall is an indie pop group named after the children’s book, Tillie and the Wall by Leo Lionni. They are particularly known for their tap dancer, Jamie Pressnall acting as a substitute for drums.
  • FreakAbout– They are a combination of classic rock ‘n roll with very eclectic variations. They were awarded “Best Rock” at the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards in 2016.

The Omaha Music Scene

The Omaha, Nebraska area is home to a variety of music. This is a good sign as music is becoming more and more honest than ever. Post-turn of the century, expressing oneself through music seems to mean going beyond the original performance style of our ancestors. Today, musicians in Omaha dig deep inside of themselves and bring those inner parts out, no matter how much they shine or how dark they are.

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