How To Keep Your Car Clean This Summer

Sunday car wash.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather this summer and clean your vehicle. Of course, everyone wants a clean vehicle, but cleaning your vehicle with the proper tools is also important. When you clean your vehicle, it’s not about washing the exterior but about cleaning the entire vehicle inside and out. When you clean the interior and the exterior of the vehicle, you’re taking the vehicle’s appearance to a whole new level. So check out these summer cleaning tips from Dana Vento to make your vehicle look new.

Summer Car Cleaning Tips

  1. Wash The Exterior – Grab the buckets, sponges, tire cleaner, and more, and give your vehicle a deep clean. If you don’t have time to wash the vehicle yourself, take it to a car wash to help clean the exterior to have a shiny, polished look.
  2. Hold Yourself To A Standard – When you drove your vehicle off the lot, it was beautiful, so why not keep it that way? Hold yourself to a higher standard and make sure that your vehicle shines in the summer weather.
  3. Never Wash Your Vehicle In the Sun – If you plan to wash your vehicle, don’t do it in direct sunlight. If you wash your vehicle in the sun, you could experience water spots or swirls. The best time to wash your vehicle is early in the morning, allowing time for your vehicle to dry. You should also avoid washing your car after you’ve finished driving it because the abrupt change in temperature can cause cracks in some of the components.
  4. Avoid Cleaning Supplies With Bleach – You should never use any cleaning products that have bleach in them. You should choose a cleaning product that is safe to use on all surfaces of your vehicle. Only wash your vehicle with microfiber wash mitts or towels, and wash them separately from your other laundry. Add a sealant or wax to your vehicle after you’ve washed it to give it a shine that will last longer.
  5. Clean The Interior – Remove any trash or unnecessary items from your vehicle and vacuum the carpet and seats. Wipe down all the surfaces with cleaning wipes or vehicle interior cleaner. If you have cloth seats, spray them with a cleaning spray to help remove dirt or stains and then dab the spot with a damp microfiber cloth.
  6. Make The Windows Sparkle – Wipe down all the windows so that you don’t have a haze that could impair your vision while driving.

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Make Your Vehicle Sparkle This Summer

Rinse your vehicle as you wash because you can cause water spots if the water sits for too long, even if you wash your vehicle in the shade. So head to the store in your O’Daniel Honda vehicle and grab all the necessary supplies to wash your vehicle this summer.

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