All The Reasons You Should Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

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The most essential and cost-effective way to keep your vehicle in the best shape is to stay up to date on regularly scheduled oil changes! Your vehicle’s engine can be highly damaged by waiting too long between oil changes, or if the wrong kind of oil is put in your vehicle. The engine damage caused by bad oil is much more costly than just paying for regular oil changes. We have some interesting facts about oil changes that we think you’ll want to know!

What is the Purpose Of Oil?

Your vehicle’s oil lubricates different areas of the engine so that they do not grind together and deteriorate the parts. It also keeps the engine from overheating, carries away dirt, dust, and anything else that may stop up your vehicle’s engine.

Dashboard Light

Dashboard lights are extremely useful for drivers, but they can’t always be depended on to notify you in a timely manner that there is something wrong with your vehicle! Most of the oil change warning lights are preprogrammed to go off once your vehicle has driven a certain amount of miles since it was last reset. That isn’t necessarily when your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed. In some vehicles, that light may not show up until your vehicle is already too low on oil.

Oil Differences

High-tech engines sometimes may require synthetic oils while more common, mainstream engines require typical oils. Premium oils include additives that are useful for specialty driving needs. Blends of premium and conventional oils are often used for SUV’s and trucks. Ask your trusted mechanic what kind of oil is best for your vehicle.

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Tip To Remember

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on oil changes. The manufacturer’s information will always be the most accurate. If you’re ever curious about how often your vehicle’s oil should be changes, always look in your vehicle guidebook for more information!

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