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How To Keep Your Wheels Shining Like New

hand washing wheel of car
Take a look at your car. Does it look like its wheels and tires could use a good scrub? Washing your wheels can enhance your vehicle’s good looks, so follow these steps to make your wheels shine again. Start with the Tires Before you get down to the details of each wheel,... [read more]

DIY Detailing Products For Car Owners

Woman hand drying the vehicle hood with a red towel
Do you want your vehicle to have that like-new shine and clean smell like it had when you first got it? You don't have to pay for a high-priced detailing, you can do it yourself at home! Check out these products that will make your car cleaning experience much easier... [read more]

Why You Should Get Routine Maintenance Checks

Auto mechanic working in garage Technician Hands of car mechanic working in auto repair Service and Maintenance car battery check.
Just like any other machine, vehicles need routine maintenance checks to ensure that they are running properly. Most vehicles receive their first maintenance check after the first 5,000 miles. These checks continue to happen at about every 5,000-10,000 miles after that. Having your vehicle checked is the best way to... [read more]