Visit The Lauritzen Gardens

Greenery leavesThere’s something about spending time in a garden that’s just so relaxing. Spending time around plants is relaxing enough, but strolling around with a friend or a family member makes it even better. Are you looking for a local garden to explore? Just make your way to Lauritzen Gardens.  These botanical gardens are out-of-this-world beautiful, and you have to see them for yourself. Get more information on what’s there, and make your plans to visit as soon as you can.

What You Should Know

Planning your trip to Lauritzen Gardens anytime soon? Well, know that you can visit any day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. There are some nights where it’s open later in the summer, so be sure to check the calendar so you can get the scoop on that. Admission isn’t going to cost you a fortune, so you can easily bring the whole family along with you. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 3 to 12, and free for kids 2 years of age and younger. Just remember that you’ll have to pay tax with that, too.

Learn Something New

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a beautiful garden, and you actually need a lot of knowledge to build a garden as gorgeous as the one you’ll see here. Therefore, there’s a lot for you to learn. If you’ve ever wondered about what plants are native to Nebraska, how you grow certain flowers, or what of soil specific plants like, you’ll have the opportunity to get that information here. You can also bring your kids along if you want to teach them about plants and botany. They’re sure to have a fantastic time – and they may not even realize that they’re learning!

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Get Inspiration

If you have your own garden at home, there’s a good chance that you’re always trying to figure out new ways to improve it. However, it can be hard to do that if you don’t know what you want. You may just need some inspiration to really take your garden to the next level. See how they’ve arranged everything at this garden, and then go home and take a look at what you can do with yours. You’ll soon see that the possibilities are limitless.

When you need your regular dose of nature, you should come out to these local botanical gardens to see what they have to offer. This is definitely something you’ll want to see this spring.

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