See What Makes Honda Vehicles Rugged

Car all-season tire close up, parked car.You know that Honda vehicles are reliable and efficient, but did you realize they’re also rugged? Honda’s lineup of SUVs and trucks stands out for their rugged features designed to handle challenges on the road. Find out what makes Honda trucks and SUVs so rugged, and then visit a local dealership for a test drive.

All-wheel Drive Systems Designed For All Conditions

Honda’s all-wheel-drive systems can handle rough terrain, bad weather, and so much more. These systems are designed to provide all the power you need when driving.

When you buy a Honda, you can choose from two all-wheel-drive systems. The intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4) and Real Time AWD systems provide instant power when needed. The Variable Torque Management takes it a step further with torque vectoring for enhanced stability on the roads.

Intelligent Traction Management for Enhanced Control

Honda’s SUVs and trucks also include the Intelligent Traction Management system. If you choose a Passport, Pilot, or Ridgeline trim with two-wheel drive, you can activate Snow mode. However, if you upgrade to an all-wheel-drive trim, you’ll also get Sand and Mud modes. Once you choose a mode, your vehicle will adjust the shifting, throttle, and torque distribution for that terrain. It’ll also use Vehicle Stability Assist to help you power through the terrain’s challenges.

Outstanding Towing Capacity

Towing is also a breeze when you get a Honda. The Passports, Pilots, and Ridgelines have V-6 engines that are ideal for pulling heavy loads. You can increase capacity by getting the available i-VTM4 AWD system. Then you can tow up to 5,000 pounds. It’s hard to visualize 5,000 pounds, so think of it like this. Your Honda can pull a 22-foot boat, a 24-foot camper, or a trailer with a couple of ATVs on it. Now, that’s some serious power.

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Built to Stand up to Cold Conditions

It can get cold in Omaha, and not all vehicles are built to handle it. However, Honda tests the technologies it uses in harsh conditions. The vehicles have to go through driving courses in cold weather. Plus, these trucks and SUVs have to pass the cold weather start test. This test is used to make sure the vehicles can start in environments of negative 40 degrees.

If your car can start when it’s negative 40 degrees, it sure won’t have any issues in Omaha. It might get cold here, but it’s not nearly that cold.

Visit O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, to see these rugged and reliable vehicles in person. From the Honda Pilot to the Ridgeline, we have a lot of popular options. You can take one out for a spin and see how it performs. Then head back to the dealership, and we’ll help you take it home today.