Bored? Try These Driveway Games

Shot of a mother and her daughter playing with bubbles together outdoors

Like most people, you probably look forward to summer. Temperatures are warmer, the sun is out, and there seems to be more to do around town. The kids are also out of school, which means you have to find ways to entertain them. You likely hear the cry, “I’m bored,” at some point during the summer. This can get on your nerves, but you don’t even have to leave your property to occupy their attention and need for fun. There are some tried-and-true games and activities to play right on your driveway or sidewalk.

Bubble Time

What little child doesn’t enjoy blowing bubbles? There are a variety of products available at your local grocery or game store. You can even look up some homemade options. You can purchase smaller bottles with traditional wands or even have a blast with giant wands that make enormous bubbles. Your kids can enjoy playing with one another or involving their neighborhood friends in seeing who can make the biggest, uniquely shaped bubbles.


Remember when you were a child, and you played hopscotch on the playground at recess time at school? It doesn’t take much to replicate a hopscotch design with sidewalk chalk. There are different ways to create one, and your kids will have fun improving their skills and mastering this game. Plus, it’s a good way to keep your kids active, socializing with their siblings and friends.

Get Artistic

Speaking of sidewalk chalk, this is an excellent way to develop some artistic abilities and explore the creative side of your child’s mind. Ditch the paper and colored pencils or crayons and come outside with chalk. You can purchase sidewalk chalk in a wide range of colors. Your children can simply doodle or even come up with large-scale, elaborate pictures. The chalk easily washes off the driveway or sidewalk as well as clothes and skin.

Play With Marbles

Marble shooting has been around for several decades. Though it’s not as popular with youngsters as it once was, it’s still a good choice for outdoor fun. Buy a set for your kids and let them play together and with friends. The object is simple — just place smaller marbles within a circle on the ground. Then, using the larger ones, try to knock the smaller marbles out of the circle.

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If you’re looking for an excellent way to combine games with cleaning, look no further. Younger kids with bikes, tricycles, and other ride-on toys will love getting these items wet and soapy while riding them through the sprinklers. You may even be able to wash your car at the same time.

Teach your children that there are ways to laugh and play this summer without going to fancy parks or having to get away on a trip to some new and exciting destination. Adventure awaits right out your front door.

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