Get Ready To Meet HondaPro Jason!

Do you ever wish you knew more about your Honda? Maybe you have some questions about how to take care of it best, or you are curious about service options? There’s one guy who does it all, and knows just about every single thing there is to know about Hondas, and we’re willing to bet you have heard of him before — HondaPro Jason! This guy is a genius, and not only knows how Hondas work, but also knows what makes them special, and he wants to help you see the same.

If some questions have popped into your head while reading this blog, jot those down and bring them to O’Daniel Honda on March 17 at 1 p.m. to meet him in person! HoondaPro Jason will be at the dealership for the day, so this is your chance to meet him, pick his brain, and have a great time!

His Knowledge

HondaPro Jason is a wealth of knowledge about Honda vehicles. Not only can he walk you through every single button and knob in your car, but he can also break down all of the features in the newest models. While he’s here, he can answer all of your questions and will also train the O’Daniel Honda team on everything he knows so we can share his same insights!

Before you come to the dealership to meet HondaPro Jason, be sure to give his YouTube page a visit. He has a video for every make, model, and tip you could ever imagine. He also documents dealerships and car shows he attends. A few good places to start are “What’s New in the 2020 Honda Ridgeline? Plus Tips & Tricks & Hidden Easter Egg” and “The Lowest Mileage Honda S2000 on the Planet!”

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Our Knowledge

During your visit to meet HondaPro Jason, plan a little extra time to stick around and check out the dealership. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a loyal customer, we’d love to walk you around and show you our new inventory. Much like the HondaPro himself, our staff is a wealth of Honda knowledge, and we can’t wait to send you home in your new favorite automobile. We’ll see you on March 17!