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Get Ready To Meet HondaPro Jason!

Do you ever wish you knew more about your Honda? Maybe you have some questions about how to take care of it best, or you are curious about service options? There's one guy who does it all, and knows just about every single thing there is to know about Hondas,... [read more]

Honda Supports the Latino Community with Scholarships

Honda Scholarships Omaha
Sixteen high-performing students from all over the country were recently honored by Honda North America Inc. for academic excellence. Honda, along with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), gave each one of the students the opportunity to receive scholarships valued at $5,000 to help pay for college living expenses, tuition, and... [read more]

Set Your SiriusXM for the Perfect Road Trip Mix!

Road Trip Music Omaha
One of the best things about a new car is that most of them come with SiriusXM Capabilities, allowing you to dive in to a great range of stations for your next road trip! Set your XM for the perfect road trip mix creating listening music that suits your listening... [read more]

HondaLink vs. Chevy MyLink

HondaLink Chevy MyLink Omaha
HondaLink and Chevy MyLink are called “infotainment systems.” These systems now play a major part in the car buying decision because of how much time people spend in their vehicles. For the past few years, these systems have come standard with many cars. However, the features can differ, which causes... [read more]

Enhance Your Honda’s Fuel Economy with These Tips

Choosing to drive a Honda around Omaha already puts you well on your way to getting great fuel economy, particularly if you choose a hybrid vehicle. If you want to make the most of this excellent Honda fuel economy or even enhance your gas mileage on a larger vehicle, like... [read more]

Take the Honda CR-V to Your Favorite Pumpkin Patch Next Month

Honda CR-V Omaha
With October approaching, it is time to start thinking about Halloween. In addition to costumes, you need to consider whether you want to make a jack-o-lantern. Whether you plan on decorating for Halloween or just want to take advantage of fall produce to make some delicious pumpkin-filled treats, you are... [read more]

Check Out Where the 2017 Ridgeline Is Headed

2017 Ridgeline Omaha
To make the 2017 Honda Ridgeline even more exciting and help more drivers across the country become aware of it, Honda is working hard with a Hispanic marketing campaign and some new partnerships. The Ridgeline went on sale back in June. It has been a knockout thanks to its unique... [read more]

Best Fall Activities Near Omaha

Looking for the best Fall activities near Omaha? We've compiled a list that is sure to provide plenty of family fun! Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard: Midwest Winds Kitefliers While the weather is cold, the scheduling of festivals around the Omaha area and Midwest region is heating up. One of the most fun... [read more]

The 2017 Accord Hybrid is the Most Efficient Hybrid Sedan

2017 Accord Hybrid Omaha
Even with the large number of hybrid models available on the road today, the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is able to win the title of most efficient and most powerful within its class. This midsize hybrid wasn’t available for the 2016 model year, and the break seems to have been... [read more]

Get to Know the Many 2017 Honda Accord Configurations

2017 Honda Accord Omaha
The Honda Accord is one of the many Honda vehicles that offer an incredible number of configurations. Between the various body styles, engines, and trim levels, you will find yourself with a seemingly unlimited number of potential configurations. 2017 Honda Accord Body Styles The first choice to make when you decide you... [read more]