Upgrade Your Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa chocolate ball bomb with marshmallow. Holiday winter drink. Handmade Christmas present.

The temperature is dropping, which means you will be needing ways to warm up. Scarves, caps, and coats are a must, but it would be nice to sip on something warm and sweet. Hot chocolate is a classic that simply cannot be missed this time of year, but you may want to have your hot chocolate with a twist. Here are four recipes that give hot chocolate a whole new meaning.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Add a little culture this winter with Mexican hot chocolate. The flavor is bold and unique with the authentic Mexican table chocolate. The only other ingredient you need to make this concoction is milk. You will want to make this simple chocolate caliente many times this season.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you want a cute way to serve hot chocolate at your next event, then you have to try making these hot chocolate bombs. The one ‘bomb’ is the perfect serving for each guest, and the great thing is that these can be made days in advance of the occasion. When it is time to serve the hot chocolate bombs, all you need is to warm up your favorite milk. You will then pour the hot milk over the hot chocolate bombs in a mug. Take one sip, and you will taste an explosion of rich flavor.

El Submarino

If you want to sample another delectable drink that comes south of the border, then you will love this El Submarino. An Argentinian hot chocolate drink, the El Submarino is different in that the chocolate does not play a part until the very end. You will make a delicious warm milk drink that includes sugar and vanilla. After heating the milk, sugar, and vanilla, you will pour the drink into mugs. You will then drop one square of dark chocolate into the drink. Submerging to the bottom of the mug like a submarine, this dark chocolate square will melt into the drink, creating wonderfully decadent.

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Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Why not have your cake and eat it too? Or in this case, drink it. For those who are a fan of red velvet cake, you are sure to love this red velvet hot chocolate. This drink is decadent and creamy with a cream cheese whipped cream that will have you raving on and on about this spectacular hot chocolate.

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