The Importance Of Winter Tires

Wheel tracks on the road covered with snow
As the temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about making the switch to winter tires. Winter tires are essential to driving safety in cold weather, as they provide a significantly better grip on icy and snow-covered roads than all-season tires. Winter tires differ from all-season tires in a few key ways: tread design, rubber compound, and materials. Each difference allows winter tires to provide improved grip and traction in freezing temperatures or on icy roads.

Get A Grip 

As winter approaches, it’s crucial to consider how you’ll equip your vehicle to handle the colder weather and hazardous road conditions. With special tread patterns that provide better traction and grip, winter tires are designed specifically for icy or snowy roads. So, if you’re planning on driving in winter weather, it’s worth investing in a set of winter tires.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road 

Winter tires contain a special rubber compound that helps prevent them from hardening in cold temperatures. They will grip the road better and provide better traction than regular tires. That means that they can also help improve your fuel economy by reducing your car’s rolling resistance.

 The Difference Is Material

Winter tires have different tread patterns because of the materials used in their manufacturing. The rubber remains soft and pliable in subfreezing temperatures, unlike all-season tires, which become hard and less effective in cold weather. So, even in freezing temperatures when the roads are dry, winter tires will help you stop and turn better than other tires.

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Compound Vs. Construction

In order to obtain the best grip from a tire, it is essential to understand the differences between tire compounds and constructions. The former refers to the rubber, silicone, and plastics mixture that forms the basis of the tire, while the latter denotes how this mixture is combined with steel weave to create a finished product. Generally speaking, a tire with a better compound will offer more grip than one with an inferior construction.

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