Explore Lego Art at Lauritzen Gardens

Lego Art at Lauritzen Gardens Omaha
To explore Lego art at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska tends to bring out the kid in almost everyone. Lego blocks and children have been together since 1949 when they were first created. The grandchild of the founder, Kirk Kristiansen is the current owner of this delightful wonderland. A Living Fantasy Many... [read more]

Hilarious Comedy Events at the Backline

Comedy at the Backline Omaha
  The Backline located in Omaha, Nebraska offers great comedy shows, talk shows, and sketches for tourists and local residents. Their prices are reasonable, and they want to make Omaha, Nebraska one of the most popular comedy cities in the United States. The Backline has amazing comedy shows scheduled Thursdays thru... [read more]

Explore New Trends at Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week
You will be amazed at some of the awesome outfits on display at Omaha Fashion Week. The Omaha Fashion Week is sure to draw in talent from all around the area showcasing the latest in fashion trends and upcoming designs. The 2017 Omaha Fashion Week will be the 10th year... [read more]

Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Bouquet for Your Sweetie in Omaha

Valentine`s Day Florists Omaha
Your Sweetie Deserves the best on Valentine's Day and finding the perfect Valentine's day bouquet for your sweetie in Omaha NE may be easier than you think. Omaha has some fabulous local florists that bring the freshest flowers and turn them into the most dazzling arrangements. EverBloom Floral & Gift EverBloom Floral... [read more]

Make Your Valentine’s Day Reservation at One of These Restaurants

Make Your Valentine's Day Reservation at One of These Omaha Restaurants
If you're looking for the perfect place to make a reservation for Valentine's Day, we've got you covered. Mark's Bistro Mark's, established in 2003, was built into a historic, turn-of-the-century home nestled into a quaint business district in Omaha’s historic Dundee main-street neighborhood that has thrived since the early 1900’s. Marks’ vision... [read more]

Sweets to Make Your Sweetie This Valentines Day

Homemade Valentine Sweets Omaha
If you are looking for sweet recipes to make your sweetie this Valentine's Day in Omaha, Nebraska these are some of the best recipes. Not only are they tasty and delicious but they're also fun and festive. Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes Raspberry chocolate cupcakes are one of the most delicious and most festive... [read more]

Places That Make Omaha Special

There are several places that make Omaha special. Check out our list of recommended stops to make this weekend! Midtown Crossing at Turner Park This is what a strong urban core looks like – a diverse neighborhood where restaurants and retail, community events and individual experiences come to life. An energetic embrace... [read more]

Choosing Between the Accord Coupe and Civic Coupe

Accord Coupe and Civic Coupe
Those in the market for a coupe to drive around Omaha will find multiple options in the Honda lineup, including the ever-popular Accord and Civic. Both of these models are available as either sedans or coupes, so you can get choose the body style you want, and either will be... [read more]

Must-Try Omaha Restaurants

Check out the following must-try restaurants in the Omaha area! Block 16 Block 16 offers combinations that are a little risky, a lot of fun, and as fresh as possible. They source their food from companies that share their philosophy. Block 16 buys local, humanely raised, and preservative-free ingredients. Their family farm... [read more]

How the Ridgeline Does Well as a Work Truck or Family Vehicle

2017 Honda Ridgeline
When most people think of pickup trucks, they picture a work truck, not a family vehicle. The Honda Ridgeline proves that a pickup can easily do both, functioning as a work truck during the day and your family’s go-to car on the weekends and evenings. In addition to the tough... [read more]