Happenings in Omaha

Green Day Concert in Omaha
Check out what all is happening this August in the Omaha, Nebraska area! Read about the various, exciting events going on this month and plan to attend one or all. These events are the perfect place for your kids, friends, or family; don’t miss out on the opportunity to make... [read more]

Top Restaurants in Omaha you Must Try!

steak from one of the top restaurants in Omaha
If you’re looking for something great to fill your belly, then the city of Omaha, Nebraska has a lot to offer. There are many selections of restaurants in this city, so surely you will love one. Read about Omaha’s finest ranging from fine dining to cheap eats, Omaha has it... [read more]

Purchase the 2018 Honda Accord this Fall

2018 Honda Accord Exterior Red
The Honda Accord is known to be one of the top-selling vehicles in U.S. Its affordability, efficiency, and stylish design have made it a consistent hit on the automotive market. Well, fasten your seatbelt because this amazing vehicle has gotten even better! The 2018 model is fresh off of the... [read more]

Visit Freedom Park and Naval Museum

Visit Freedom Park and Naval Museum
Looking for an awesome Omaha day trip? Come on down to the Freedom Park and Naval Museum for a day filled with history and adventure. With two major displays and guided tours, there is no reason not to visit. To learn more, read below! Freedom Park Freedom Park is an outdoor park... [read more]

Pick a Pooch in Omaha, NE

rear view of a young man hug his small dog at Pick a Pooch
Have you been wanting to adopt a furry friend, but need some help? Do not worry! Come out to Pick a Pooch to find your next best friend. To learn more, read below! Pick a Pooch (kitties too) in Omaha Are you thinking about adopting a dog or cat from a local... [read more]

Walk and Play Amongst the Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Safari Exhibit

animated tyrannosaurus-rex for Dinosaur Safari exhibit
Come down to the Omaha Children’s Museum this summer to experience their awesome Dinosaur Safari exhibit. Your kids are guaranteed to love the real life replicas and interactive programs. Learn a lot, make new friends, and enjoy days filled with family fun activities and events. To learn more read below! Dinosaur... [read more]

Where to Spend the Fourth of July this Summer in Omaha, NE

Couple celebrating for the fourth of July
Where to Spend July 4th in Omaha July 4th marks one of the proudest days in American history, so it is celebrated highly throughout the United States year after year. However, very few communities celebrate this day the same way that people do in Omaha, Nebraska. For residents nearby this area,... [read more]

Hot Nebraska Bands to Add to Your Playlist for this Summer!

Nebraska Bands
The pop and indie music scene seems to not want to stick to any clear labels anymore. Even ones that originate from certain states seem to want to branch out to try combining multiple genres. They also seem to want to express themselves uncensored through their music. If you live in... [read more]

Father’s Day Events in the Omaha Area

Looking for a great way to celebrate Father's Day with your dad? We've come up with some great options for you! Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum Plan an adventure for your dad this year and treat him to a visit to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum! All Dads (accompanied... [read more]

June Holidays to Celebrate this Year

June Holidays 2017 Calendar
There are many holidays that are celebrated in June - from Father's Day to Flag Day, to Children's Day. Around the world, these holidays are celebrated in many different forms. Some are created to be fun and give us a break from our everyday lives. Others are developed to show respect, appreciation,... [read more]