Easy Fourth Of July DIY Doormat

Red White and Blue.

Does your patio need a facelift for this holiday season? Make your own 4th of July DIY doormat with these simple tips and tricks by The Idea Room. This is a great way to personalize your front porch for the 4th of July. This hand-painted red, white, and blue floor mat is perfect for the 4th of July as you welcome family and friends over to celebrate Independence Day. You can even invite your friends and family over before the celebration, so they can make their own patriotic doormat to display for the 4th of July. This doormat is the perfect addition to your front porch and adds to the festive summer vibes.


  • Stiff Paint Brush Or Stippling Brush
  • Bland Doormat
  • Red, White, and Blue Paint
  • Adhesive Vinyl or Freezer Paper
  • Clear Paint
  • “Hello” stencil


Step 1: Create your “hello” stencil using adhesive vinyl or freezer paper. NOTE: If you have Cricut, you can print out the word “hello” on the adhesive vinyl; however, if you don’t have a Cricut, you can trace the word on a piece of paper and cut it out using scissors.

Step 2: Place your stencil in the desired location of the blank doormat. NOTE: Make sure it’s in place, so it cannot move while you paint.

Step 3: Starting with the red paint, begin stippling the paint onto the top 1/3 of your stencil. NOTE: Use up and down motions to ensure that you create crisp edges.

Step 4: Paint the bottom 1/3 of the stencil with the blue paint.

Step 5: Paint the center of the stencil with the white paint. NOTE: As you get closer to the red and blue paint, make sure to make it appears more transparent so you will have an ombre fade look. You can also overlap the colors if desired.

Step 6: Remove the stencil and let the paint dry for 24 hours, then add a clear coat to the painted area for protection.

Step 7: Place your doormat and enjoy!

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Make Your Doormat Today

You can create your own stencil so your doormat says exactly what you want it to. For example, it can say “Happy 4th” or “Welcomes”. You can also make stencils to add designs like fireworks, American Flag, sparklers, or 4th of July popsicles. You can also choose which order the colors are painted; all it takes is a little bit of creativity. When you’re ready to make your own DIY 4th of July doormat, grab your keys to your O’Daniel Honda vehicle and head to the store to load up on all the necessary supplies to take your front porch decorations to the next level. Your friends and family will be asking you to make them a 4th of July doormat once they see how great yours is.

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