How To Keep Your Wheels Shining Like New

hand washing wheel of car
Take a look at your car. Does it look like its wheels and tires could use a good scrub? Washing your wheels can enhance your vehicle’s good looks, so follow these steps to make your wheels shine again.

Start with the Tires

Before you get down to the details of each wheel, you should start by cleaning up the tires. With the constant road contact, the tires are bound to pick up all kinds of dirt and grime. Spray the rubber with soap or a tire cleaning solution. Allow it to set for a few minutes to help lift up the caked-on grime. Then, hose it down to rinse away the dirt that can get in the way.

Scrub Thoroughly

Next, apply cleaner to the wheels and scrub from the top down. Dust and debris from the road can accumulate over time and tarnish the metal. Be certain to thoroughly clean every angle, nook, and the underside of the rims. To make the task easier, consider using a wheel brush for easier access to those hard-to-reach places. If the brush stars to accumulate too much dirt, then rinse it out to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

Rinse & Dry

When you are finished scrubbing, it is time to rinse the wheels. A hose should do just fine. After all, you should not need too much pressure to wash away the lifted dirt and suds. Gently hose everything down. When the soap is cleared, inspect to see if you need to make a second pass with the soap. If it all looks clean, then it is time to dry the wheels. Do not wait to let it dry on its own, as the draining water might leave streaks. It is best to dry the wheels by hand with an auto detailing towel. Make circular motions from the center of the wheel out.


Once the wheels are dry, enhance your tires’ shine and build a protective layer by applying wax to each tire. Make sure to only do the sides of the tires facing out. You do not need to wax the portion of the tires that actually make contact with the road. Apply a protective solution as well to the wheel itself to keep it cleaner longer.

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