10 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained

Family having a pillow fight

If you’re searching for fun indoor activities to help keep your kids engaged during school break or bad weather days, this extensive list of over 100 activities from The Best Ideas for Kids will be a game-changer. You can even use their printable version and make a challenge out of crossing each item off the list as you complete it. For quick reference, here are ten of our favorite activities to do with your kids. We’ve included a few items for arts and crafts, activities, games, and education. Have fun!

Arts and Crafts

The full list includes everything from a simple guide to folding paper airplanes to a full how-to on making recycled crayons. Below is a few crafty options ranked by difficulty.  Choose the one that will suit you best.

  • The Easy Craft: For a simple, relaxed, and fun craft, you can’t go wrong with handprint art.
  • The Intermediate Project: Scrape Painting takes just a bit more fine-motor skills, is just as fun as handprint art, and you get a colorful masterpiece to hang on the fridge afterward.
  • The Master Crafter: This project isn’t hard at all, but it can get a little messy and will require full supervision. Follow these instructions to make homemade slime.

Games and Activities

If you’ve run out of fun group activities and your little ones have way too much energy to sit down for a movie day, then these activities should help them use up a little energy. We’ve ranked these by the required energy investment on your part. We know they have plenty!

  • High Energy: If you’re feeling peppy and want to spend some time with the kiddos, why not have an old-fashioned pillow fight?
  • Moderate Energy: As a middle ground, you can have some fun kitchen time making homemade fruit roll-ups.
  • Low Energy: If moving around isn’t your cup of tea at the moment, just grab a few pieces of scrap paper and start a game of tic-tac-toe

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Educational Activities

Make family time educational with one of these fun but enriching activities.

  • Read a book together.
  • Do a fun science project together. Get hands-on and teach your kids the scientific method with a few simple projects.
  • Learn a new language. You can use books or a language learning app to add a new language to your repertoire.

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