10 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Pool Day With The Kids

Father and daughter playing at the edge of a swimming pool

Keep your cool this swim season by following these 10 tips for stress-free pool days with the kids!

Make Rules

Set ground rules before getting in the pool. Decide on how long everyone can stay in, whether or not diving is allowed, and where everyone should stay within the confines of the swimming area.

For the Younger Ones

Keep an eye on younger children. Whether you have toddlers or school-aged kids, it’s essential to be aware of their whereabouts at all times.

Wear Sunscreen Always

Don’t forget the sunscreen. We all know it is crucial to put on sunscreen before heading outdoors. Still, sometimes we forget just how important it is to reapply, especially when spending a day at the pool.

Make Time for Rest

Take a rest before swimming to prevent fatigue. After lunch, have your kids spend some time lying down in silence. This will help their bodies prepare for the extra work of swimming, aid digestion, and keep them cheerful later in the day.

Have Food and Water

Make sure there is plenty of food and water available. You can avoid any meltdowns or tantrums that might ruin your perfect pool day by having snacks and drinks on hand.

Safe Swimming Habits

Encourage the older children to practice safe swimming habits around the younger kids. Older children should be encouraged to practice safe swimming habits around younger siblings or friends since they look up to them and follow their example. Designate a responsible adult to keep watch. This will help ensure that everyone stays safe and has a good time.

A Special Treat

If you want your mornings to be fast and easy, use pool time as an incentive. Kids are usually very motivated to do their chores, school work, or other activities when they know they can go to the pool afterward.

Red Cross Swim Classes

Red Cross swim classes are a great option if you want to improve your swimming skills. They offer pool safety training and can help you learn various swimming techniques.

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Avoid the Crowd

If you want to avoid the crowds at the pool, go early in the morning or stay late at night. Most people don’t follow this advice, but if you do, you’ll find that the pool is much less crowded.

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