2016 Honda CR-V: Maintenance Minder | Omaha


2016 Honda CR-V: Maintenance Minder

The health of your Honda plays an important role in the performance and life of your vehicle. The 2016 Honda CR-V uses the maintenance minder system to help keep track of when your vehicle needs servicing.

Maintenance minder constantly monitors, measures, and reads sensor recordings located throughout the CR-V to determine when service is needed. Different driving styles and conditions will impact your CR-V’s optimal service time interval.

The maintenance minder’s illuminated wrench indicator appears in the instrument cluster when the oil life reaches 15% and service is ‘Due Soon.’ The display will read ‘Due Now’ at 5% and will show miles overdue at 0%. A maintenance code number will also appear. You can find the code’s description listed in the owner’s manual.

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