Honda Accord Vs. Hyundai Sonata: Your Best Pre-Owned Purchase

2018 Honda Accord Exterior Red

These days, everybody’s looking to save money. Whether you’re a coupon clipper or a bargain hunter, you want to make the purchases you need while hanging on to as much of your hard-earned money as possible. That’s what leads so many shoppers to seek out pre-owned vehicles when they’re in the market for a new ride. And what better way to go than with a name you know and trust? Two solid options for those seeking a high-quality used midsize sedan are the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata. But just how well these two cars stack up remains to be seen. Read on and see which one makes the better pre-owned purchase.

Smart Value

While Hyundai is a brand known for its budget-priced vehicles, Honda is heaped with praise for reliability and lasting value. That means that you can count on a Honda Accord – even one with a few model years under its belt – to hold on to its quality and excellence for a long time. And because value entails a lot more than just the number on a price tag, it’s worth considering that paying a little more up front will be well worth it in the long run.

Cabin Comfort

The Honda Accord has earned a remarkable reputation for excellence over its decades on the market. It has a laundry list of awards and accolades to prove its worth, too. And one of the many ways it raises the bar on midsize sedans everywhere is by offering a spacious, comfort-forward cabin. Along with user-friendly infotainment features and smart safety equipment, these interior accommodations promote maximum enjoyment on every drive. While a used Hyundai Sonata might be able to seat the same number of occupants, it doesn’t match what the Accord offers in terms of comfort and convenience. You’ll find hard plastics and lower-quality materials that keep the Sonata from being a true rival of the Accord.

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Find Your Pre-Owned Accord

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