At-Home Workouts To Try After The Holidays

The holidays are always a lot of fun, especially when you get to spend time with friends and family. But all too often, we don’t take great care of ourselves during this time of year. You may be staying up late and not getting the rest you need. Additionally, it can be hard to stick to your regular workout routine when you’re having fun and celebrating. Of course, that’s what you should be doing during the holidays. But if you’re feeling stiff and a bit slow after the holiday season, you might want to try these at-home workouts. They’re a great way to indulge in some self-care if you feel like you need to get your body moving. And the best part? You don’t even have to pay for a gym membership.


Bicycles are the perfect ab workout for people who hate crunches. It works many of the same muscles, but many people find them more enjoyable. You put your hands behind your head and move your legs like you were riding a bicycle. The closer you get your heels to the ground, the more difficult it will be. That means you can easily customize this workout to your fitness level – or whatever feels right for you.

Jumping Jacks

A lot of times, when people think about cardio, they think they need to jump on the treadmill. While running is one great way to get your cardio in, it’s certainly not the only way. If you’re looking for an alternative, try some jumping jacks. You’ll be amazed at how well they get your heart pumping. You can either do this for a long time for a full workout or do them when you’re taking a break from work to get your heart pumping a little bit.

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Who doesn’t love a squat now and then? You can feel it working out your legs and glutes, but did you know that it’s a great core workout as well? You can also customize this move to make it work for you. If you are just getting started in your fitness journey, you might not want to go all the way down the first time you start squatting. As your fitness level grows, though, you can eventually bring your thighs parallel to the ground.

With these workout moves, you can get your heart pumping, so you feel your best. Try these moves or get creative and try something else that works for you and makes you feel amazing!