You Can Customize Your Honda by Removing Its Emblems

Removing Honda Emblems Omaha
Personalizing your Honda is easy thanks to the numerous options and accessories available across the lineup. Some people like to take their customization to the next level, however, by removing emblems on their vehicle or giving it a custom paint job. While the first of these methods is intimidating, it is possible. Just be aware that if not done correctly, you can damage the paint on your Honda. You want to be careful, especially if the emblem is connected to plastic as opposed to metal. If the emblem is attached with a bolt, it is a simple matter of unscrewing it. Otherwise, you need to follow these instructions.

Prep Your Area

Before you start removing the emblem, you need to make sure that the area you are working with is clean. Since you will be leaning on this area during the process, you don’t want to accidentally rub in dirt, which would scratch the paint.

How to Remove Your Emblems

When you are ready to start, slowly apply heat using your industrial-strength heat gun. This will soften up the adhesive connecting the paint and emblem. To reduce the risk of damaging the paint, use slow back-and-forth movements and avoid staying in a single spot too long. If an area feels overheated, don’t go back to it until it has cooled a bit.

Once the adhesive is warm, take some fishing line or dental floss and use it to carefully cut right behind the emblem. Your goal should be to get the line right by the paint if possible. If you can, use the fishing line to get the adhesive tape off the paint. As with the heating process, going slowly is the best way to ensure your success. Don’t be afraid to reheat an area if it gets stubborn.

Finishing Up

Remember to be careful when handling the emblem since it will be very hot and could burn you. If you finish and there is still glue on the paint, apply an adhesive solvent or remover after the area has cooled. You may also need to touch up the paint a little.

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