Creative Ways to Use Your SUV

Honda SUV OmahaSUVs like the Honda CR-V and Pilot are some of the most popular vehicles on the market for their extreme versatility. Most people think of an SUV as a way to carry your family or friends around town, and large vehicles like the Pilot excel at this, fitting eight passengers. The majority of Omaha drivers with an SUV are also experts at folding down the rear seats to fit larger items, such as furniture or bicycles. In addition to these everyday SUV uses, there are numerous creative ways to take advantage of all your Honda has to offer.

Cross-Country Road Trip

One of the best ways to use your Honda SUV is on a cross-country road trip. Either stay in the Midwest or go all the way to a coast in comfort by taking advantage of the passenger and cargo room of your SUV. The thing that makes SUVs even better for road trips is their ability to tow; keep in mind that the Honda Pilot can tow an impressive 5,000 pounds when configured correctly. This means that you can tow a trailer or boat along with you on your next road trip.


If you like sports, then consider taking your Honda SUV to your next tailgating adventure. The rear liftgate makes it easy to access the entire cargo area, giving you the perfect spot to set up food platters or a cooler with drinks. You can even bring people in every seat with your supplies stored in the cargo area, then unload, fold down the rear seats, and get organized when you arrive. If tailgating isn’t for you, then follow the same idea and use your SUV for a family picnic without a risk of ants crawling all over your food.


If you opt for a larger SUV, then it can make the perfect camping accessory. Use the large cargo area to pack a tent, and if it starts to rain, simply fold down the rear seats and put your sleeping bag inside your crossover. You will be dry and comfortable while you wait out the storm.

Now that you have some great ideas of how to use a Honda SUV, head to O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, and get behind the wheel of your favorite model.

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