Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Is Coming To The Orpheum Theater


Mark your calendar. Disney’s “The Lion King” will be at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha from April 15-May 10. Tickets range from $30-$140 and are on sale now. If you’ve never seen “The Lion King,” grab your tickets and prepare for an experience of a lifetime. Check out some fast facts about this Broadway musical and you’ll see why this is an event you won’t want to miss.

It’s Bigger Than ‘Lord of the Rings’

When “The Lion King” turned 15 on Broadway in 2012, it had a reason to celebrate. The Broadway musical had raked in more than $5 billion in 15 years, making it a bigger earner than the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Oh, and those little films called “Avatar” and “Titanic?” It outgrossed those too. It’s no wonder that it managed to outsell those hot films. “The Lion King” sold 125,000 more tickets during its 15th anniversary year than it did on the 14th. It’s one of those rare musicals where the popularity continues to grow.

It’s an International Sensation

“The Lion King” isn’t just popular in America. It’s made its way to every continent in the world, including Antarctica. It became the first musical to hit the stage in Antarctica in 2019, proving just how popular “The Lion King” is. If people in Antarctica have seen it, you surely don’t want to miss out.

It’s Full of Visual Excitement

“The Lion King” might be the most visually stunning musical ever made. It has 200 puppets and intricate masks. Before “The Lion King” hit Broadway, the designers spent 17,000 hours building the masks and puppets. If they worked every single day without a break, it would have taken over 708 days to complete the work. Now, you can enjoy their handiwork yourself when you visit the Orpheum Theater to watch this stunning musical. You’ll especially enjoy the masks. This visual effect allows you to view characters as humans and animals simultaneously. It adds yet another layer to the multi-dimensional performance.

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Getting to the Orpheum Theater

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