Easy No-Cook Summer Meals

Vegetarian Salad Roll with Peanut Dipping Sauce

It’s way too hot to spend your summer cooking on the stove and oven. The heat will increase the temperature in your house, making you miserable. Fortunately, you can enjoy some easy no-cook summer meals. Check out some ideas for preparing meals without using the oven or stove.

Hot-smoked Salmon With Salted Yogurt and Fennel

You don’t need to fire up the oven to make this Hot-Smoked Salmon with Salted Yogurt and Fennel recipe. You can find the hot-smoked salmon where your grocery store keeps the cured fish. The salmon is combined with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, capers, and other ingredients and comes out perfectly. Also, because you don’t have to cook it, you can make this meal in a matter of minutes.

Green Goddess Tuna Salad Sandwich

You might think tuna salad is bland and boring, but that’s far from the case when you follow this Green Goddess Tuna Salad Sandwich recipe. It is full of delicious ingredients, including basil leaves, lemon juice, garlic, and sour cream. You’ll mix all the ingredients and place the tuna salad on English muffins. You’ll never want to eat tuna salad any other way after you try this recipe.

Salad Sandwiches With Ranch Spread

This recipe for Salad Sandwiches with Ranch Spread will allow you to create quite the meal. You’ll make a ranch spread and salad that contains avocados, hard-boiled eggs, shallots, and more. Dip the salad in the spread for a tasty and filling meal.

California Veggie Sandwich

If you like sandwiches packed full of vegetables, the California Veggie Sandwich was made for you. Besides the veggies, it contains Greek yogurt, goat cheese, and other ingredients. These ingredients make a dressing that brings the sandwich together.

Honeydew and Lox

You’re in for a real treat when you make this Honeydew and Lox recipe. You’ll combine honeydew melon, cold-smoked salmon, and other ingredients to create this meal. Each bite is an explosion of flavors that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Summer Rolls

You’ll be impressed by how delicious these Summer Rolls are. The rolls consist of crunchy vegetables wrapped in rice noodles. You will also make a dipping sauce for these perfectly seasoned rolls. The recipe makes 12 rolls, and you probably won’t have leftovers. These are so tasty that your family will want to devour them all.

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Ultimate Caprese Salad

You’ve had delicious Caprese salads before, but have you tried the Ultimate Caprese Salad? This recipe lives up to the boastful name. Get the heirloom tomatoes from a farmers’ market to ensure they are fresh. Without a doubt, the tomatoes truly make this dish.

Certainly, these recipes will be a good starting point for the summer. You can get through the list in a week and then choose your favorites. Indeed, your choices can become your go-to recipes for the summer. You might even keep making them when the weather cools since it’s always nice to get a break from cooking.

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