Have Some Family Fun With These Games

Father playing with kids

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to spend time with your family. We know of some great games you and your family can play this holiday season. If you are looking to keep the little ones entertained or just looking for a way to keep the holiday spirit alive, you will enjoy these Thanksgiving family-friendly games.

Pin The Feather On The Turkey

Who knew a little construction paper and painter’s tape could go such a long way? Your little ones will love taping the tailfeather on the turkey. They will be wanting to play this after the holiday passes.

Roll a Turkey

All you need for this game is the printable game cards from etsy.com, dice, and some M&M’s. Your kids will love this game, mainly because it’s played with chocolate. Each color M&M coordinates with a number on the card, each time you roll the dice, you fill the card. The first person to fill the card wins!

Turkey On The Table Kit

This knit turkey comes with paper feathers so you can write down what you are thankful for. This is a great activity to enjoy throughout the month. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and the knit turkey would be a great addition to your home. Thanks to Feeding America, each Turkey sold will donate 10 meals to people in need.

Thanksgiving I Spy

Keep the little ones and older kids entertained with these fun printable search games from etsy.com. Adults can even play too.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Mad Libs are great for a laugh. If you want to pass the time will the food is being cooked, or have some fun at the table, give everyone a Mad Lib and take turns calling out words until the sheet is filled. Prepare yourself for a laugh.

Thanksgiving Taboo

This is a great game to play after your Thanksgiving meal. If you have ever played Taboo before, you know how funny it can get. Each team has to guess the word on the card, but the player with the card can’t say any of the words on the card. You have to get creative with this game, but it always ends up with great laughs.

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Pumpkin Roll

If you need a little bit of exercise to wake up after the holiday meal, rolling pumpkins is a great game to play. The kids will be ready to nap after they roll their pumpkins to the finish line a few times.

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