Give Poke A Try At Pokeworks


While some people might thrive or rely on them, routines are not everyone’s preference. Especially when they start to get boring and stale. Every now and then it’s a good idea to try something new and shake things up a bit. If one of those things that might seem stale in your life is the places you’re going out to eat at, here’s the cure for that! Pokeworks JUST opened up a month ago in Omaha, and people have nothing but good things to say about it.

What Is Poke?

If you’re new to the poke game or have just truly never heard of it before, you might be wondering what’s in it. Poke is a Hawaiian dish that consists of diced raw fish, and it’s served either as an appetizer or as the main dish. Poke bowls, like the ones at Pokeworks, are served with a base (rice, quinoa, kale, etc), followed by a protein (fish, tofu, etc), topped with mix-ins (edamame, jalapeno, cucumber, etc) and then finished off with flavored sauces and toppings like avocado or green onion. Poke has even been described as the next generation of sushi… you have to give it a try!

Exactly What You Want

The beauty of poke and one of the reasons poke stores are popping up in cities everywhere, is that everyone can get exactly what they want. Thanks to the “Poke Your Way” policy on their site, at Pokeworks you’re able to pick step by step exactly what you want in your bowl. This is one of the only systems that allows everyone to feel like a winner! Try different combinations each time you go back to create your perfect bowl based on the combos you like best.

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Brand New

Even though the shop has only been open for five weeks, positive reviews have been pouring in. One Yelp user said, “I really liked building my own bowl and they don’t skimp on the amount of items in the bowl.” Another user had this to say: “Toppings were all flavorful and diverse. I would say that Pokeworks excels here compared to the other places in Omaha and their offering is wide.” Other users said the staff was well-trained, the atmosphere was bright, and the store resembled a Chipotle with ample options for everyone to feel satisfied.

Pokeworks is so new, in fact, that they will celebrate their grand opening with a Grand Opening Party on Saturday, August 10. Check out their site for details. With the chance to get BOGO bowls, you definitely won’t want to miss this!

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