Growing Your Own Spices Has Never Been Easier

Spices in glass bowls

What is something that you use in almost every single recipe? Spices of course! Spices add variety to your dishes. Since you only have so many combinations of meats, vegetables, and fruits that you can use to cook with, spices add subtle, or noticeable, flavors to all of these ingredients. Lots of spices are easier to grow in your backyard or in a planter than you’d suspect. If you’re someone who loves cooking with a variety of spices often, consider growing your most common ones so all you have to do is walk outside for them. Here are some suggestions on top spices to easily grow in your own backyard.


Paprika is an awesome spice if you’re looking to add a smoky flavor to meat or tomatoes. This spice has many different varieties to choose from and is relatively easy to grow. Grow this spice if you often enjoy smoky, mildly spicy dishes.


Fennel is very easy to grow, so if you’re new to gardening you might want to start with this one. Fennel needs its own dedicated space away from herbs and vegetables in your garden. It’s used often in Italian sausage, baking recipes, and some Indian-style recipes.


Cumin is a spice that needs long, hot summers. If you live in an area that gets these kinds of summers, then you should consider planting this spice in your garden. It’s a part of the parsley family and it grows beautiful flowers when blooming. Cumin is best used with meat such as pork and beans.

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Sumac is actually a berry. When you dry the berry and grind it into a powder, you’re left with a beautiful spice that adds a lemon flavor to dishes it’s paired with. It’s most often used in Mediterranean recipes and adds a vibrant red color.

Any one of these spices would make an excellent addition to your garden. Research which ones will be best for you and your recipes in order to make your selection.

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