Honda AWD and 4×4 Models: Perfect for Omaha

Drivers in Omaha need a tough vehicle that can handle all weather conditions, whether sunny summer weather, rain, or winter snow. Honda vehicles with AWD and 4×4 are the perfect solution, as they offer power and performance to get through even the worst blizzards.

Honda AWD and 4x4

Honda CrosstourHonda Crosstour

The Honda Crosstour is the popular hatchback based on the Accord, but it also shows inspiration from Honda crossover SUVs. All Crosstours come with front-wheel drive, but if you select the 278-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine, you can upgrade to all-wheel drive for even better handling in all conditions.




Honda CR-VHonda CR-V

The CR-V is perhaps Honda’s most popular SUV, and the 2015 model offers improved fuel efficiency and new styling. Every single trim level gives you the choice of either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, but Omaha drivers should seriously consider the upgrade to AWD. The extra traction will help you grip the road no matter the weather conditions.



hr-vHonda HR-V

Not all drivers are familiar with the Honda HR-V, as it is a completely new model. It is frequently considered to be a smaller version of the popular CR-V. In terms of space and price, it sits between the CR-V and the subcompact Fit. When the HR-V hits the market, it will always come with front-wheel drive if you choose the 6-speed manual transmission. If you select the CVT, however, you will have the chance to upgrade to all-wheel drive. This system works in front-wheel drive until it senses slippage, at which point it maintains traction by giving your rear wheels power.


pilotHonda Pilot

The Pilot is a Honda SUV capable of seating eight passengers. This makes it the perfect option for large Omaha families who want all-wheel drive. While front-wheel drive is standard, it is simple to upgrade any model to AWD to help you manage Omaha weather at all times of the year.

Selecting any of these AWD or 4×4 Honda models is the best way to ensure that your family is always safe when driving around Omaha, Nebraska, particularly during the slippery winter months when the roads are covered in snow and ice. To learn more about these models or drive one of your own, visit O’Daniel Honda, conveniently located in Omaha.

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