Is It Time To Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers — you may not think about them that much, until it is time to need them. If it’s a particular rainy day and your windshield wipers seem to not work as well as they should, then it may be time to replace them. Do not wait, however, for them to be completely ineffective to change them. Learn from AAA how to detect when it is time to replace your windshield wipers, so your car can handle all those pesky April showers.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Wipers

Thankfully, if your windshield wipers are not working properly, then your wipers will give you some telltale signs. Evidence of poor windshield wiper blades, includes wearing, splitting, streaking, and skipping. Should you suspect that your wipers need to be changed, you need to examine the square rubber edges of the blades themselves. If they have become rounded, then you should replace them. Another thing you may notice about the rubber squeegee and the blade is that over time the two have become separated or split. This happens as a result of the sun’s ultraviolet rays probe the squeegee, which wears it down. One sign that is extremely noticeable on poor windshield wipers is streaking. Not only will you be able to see it, but you may also be able to hear the rubber squeegee streak as it goes back and forth against the glass. While your windshield wipers can wear down from overuse or from other elements, your wiper blade can actually develop skipping if the blades are not used enough. What happens is that a bend in the blade arises because the blade has not been in use.

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Schedule Service with O’Daniel Honda

Replacing windshield wipers can sometimes be overlooked as they seem like a small part. Every part of the vehicle, however, plays a role in the overall comfort and safety of you and your fellow passengers. Do not put off even the smallest of auto services. If you are looking for a respected service center that provides quality service from expert mechanics, then schedule service with O’Daniel Honda. The service team at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha will be able to assist you with all over your service needs.

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