Yesteryear Is On Display At Joslyn Art Museum’s Art Deco Exhibit

Bearded Man Looking at Paintings in Art Gallery

The period between 1918-1939 is one of the most interesting in U.S. history. From the great heights of the Roaring Twenties to the crippling economic depression, so much happened during that time. The optimism, turmoil, and upheaval of this period created an artistic revolution of sorts, and Art Deco was born. The Joslyn Art Museum is paying homage to that time and the art with its new exhibit. The exhibit, titled “American Art Deco: Designing for the People, 1918-1939,” will be at the museum through Sept. 5. Admission is $10, and that’s a small price to pay to see this stunning exhibit. Learn more about the exhibit and then stop by the museum.

Art and Life Collide

This exhibit features more than 140 pieces, divided into 10 themes. The first is Paris to America, which explains how the Art Deco Movement was born in France and then came overseas. Other themes focus on architecture, economic depression and stimulus, and modern living.

The exhibit is full of paintings, photographs, and multimedia works of art, along with everyday objects that showcase the art deco style. As you go through the pieces, you’ll realize this is more than an art exhibit. It’s a history lesson that breaks down the issues of the time. Each piece is like another part of a puzzle. When you put them together, you’ll have a much better understanding of what life was like during that time. You’ll feel the optimism, the despair, and the turmoil that people experienced. It’s honestly breathtaking.

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Related Events

Because this is such a special exhibit, the museum has organized events to coincide with it. While most of the events were in July, the “Interior Luxe: Art Deco in Three Films at Film Streams” event is coming up. The organizers selected three films that represent the art deco style. In fact, the style was so prevalent it was like an additional character.

First, you can watch “The Grand Hotel” on Aug. 15. That’s followed by “Flying Down to Rio” on Aug. 22 and “The Wizard of Oz” on Aug. 29. Each film will begin at 1 p.m.

Even if you’ve seen these films a million times, you’ll still get something out of this event. You’ll watch the movies with a keen eye and a new understanding of art deco’s impact in the United States.

Time is running out to see this exhibit, so make plans to visit soon. It’s educational and interesting, and most importantly, moving.

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