Learn More About The 2023 Honda CR-V

2023 Honda HR-V

There have been little sneak peeks and bits of leaked information about the 2023 Honda CR-V, and soon everyone will get to see it. The CR-V has long been a favorite, and this compact SUV is versatile and enjoyable to drive. There’s a lot of excitement building around the anticipated updates for this Honda. Let’s look at what we know so far and learn more about the 2023 Honda CR-V.

The CR-V Gets a More Grown-up Look

Honda hasn’t revealed the U.S. version of the 2023 CR-V yet. But China has released a photo, and most experts believe the U.S. version won’t be much different. As a result, the exterior has a more mature look. Sleeker headlights and a larger front grille should enhance its sense of presence. Moreover, it looks like the new CR-V might be a little longer than the current version and will have more visible tail lights. Finally, the license plate space has moved up, leaving a cleaner visual line on the back bumper.

The CR-V’s Interior Gets an Update

Many expected interior details seem similar to the details drivers know and love from the Civic and HR-V. In fact, you’ll see the honeycomb mesh covering the vents. Additionally, the infotainment screen will likely be 9 inches wide and include a volume knob. One interesting detail that people have noticed from the teaser photos is the orange contrast stitching on the steering wheel and the seats. These components are black, so the orange stands out.

Sporty But Loaded

It’s challenging to see every new detail, but it seems like the CR-V will be even sportier and more capable of tackling trails and terrain. However, drivers will also enjoy the latest in technology. In fact, the 2023 Honda CR-V appears to have USB charging ports, a phone charging pad, and even a hill descent control. Overall, the dashboard looks uncluttered but has all the features you’ll need to tackle every trip easily.

More Efficient on the Road

Drivers should get excited about the new 2023 CR-V, which should be available in both the regular and hybrid editions. There’s every expectation that the new hybrid upgrades will increase the horsepower and MPG. But the non-hybrid powertrain doesn’t seem to have changed. It will deliver the same power and performance.

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Be One of the First to Test Drive the 2023 Honda CR-V

When you add the updates for the new CR-V, you get an eye-catching SUV that demands attention and performs beyond expectations. Be one of the first to test-drive this fan-favorite SUV. Stop by O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, today to get the latest scoop on the soon-to-arrive 2023 Honda CR-V.

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