Maintenance Schedule for Your Honda Civic

Maintenance Schedule Honda Civic OmahaTo get the most out of your Honda Civic, you need to stay on top of routine maintenance. This includes simple tasks, such as changing the engine oil and filter, as well as more complicated ones, such as inspecting the battery. No matter the maintenance you need, a qualified mechanic can take care of it for you, but you still want to be aware of the schedule.

Every 3,750 Miles

The general interval for Honda Civic maintenance is 3,750 miles. That means that every time you have driven this many miles in your sedan, you will need to repeat all of these actions or have a professional do so. This regular maintenance includes a vehicle maintenance inspection; replacing the engine oil and filter; lubricating the chassis, hood, trunk, doors, latches, locks, and hinges; and inspecting the overall condition, test condition, cables, and battery.

Every 7,500 Miles

Your 7,500-mile maintenance will include all the tasks mentioned above in addition to the following. You will also need to rotate the tires and inspect them, conduct a visual brake inspection, check the rear and front brakes, inspect the CV boots, and inspect the suspension and driveshaft boots.

Every 15,000 Miles

Honda maintenance at 15,000 miles includes the above items as well as replacing the air filter and cabin filter, inspecting the coolant level and condition of related parts, checking the lamps, and inspecting the brakes, exhaust system, and fuel lines.

Be sure to take your Honda Civic to the service center at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, every 3,750 miles so the technicians can perform these scheduled maintenance tasks.

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