Make a Connection with HondaLink


Your smartphone is many things: your music player, your weather forecaster, your navigator, and your day planner. Your phone can find you a great restaurant, but it can’t drive you there: That’s what your Honda is for. Wouldn’t life be swell if you could combine the two? That’s where HondaLink comes in. Many new Hondas from O’Daniel Honda offer HondaLink, but you may not know what this feature has to offer.

HondaLink transforms your Honda into a seamless digital hub loaded with music, podcasts, vehicle services, and more. Equipped Hondas comes with a large, 7-inch touch-screen and steering wheel-mounted controls. Access one or more of four dynamic HondaLink apps (Launcher, Connect, Aha, and Navigation ), and you’ll have smartphone-like functionality with access to audiobooks, music, and more.

Keep connected without taking your hands off the wheel. Bluetooth HandsFreeLink connects call with your voice, so your eyes and hands can focus on driving. HandsFreeLink will even display received text messages, read them to you, and let you respond using one of six preset messages.

HondaLink First Generation is available for Apple and Android. HondaLink Next Generation is available for Apple, with Android compatibility on its way. Come to O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, to try out HondaLink for yourself.

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