New Civic Coupe Revealed at LA Auto Show

New Civic Coupe OmahaRead about the LA Auto Show that took place this November, and you will likely see dozens of stories about the Honda Civic Coupe. The production-ready model made its debut at the auto show following a great deal of anticipation. The Civic lineup has existed for 43 years, and even with such a long history, the Civic Coupe impressed attendees.

Like the Concept

If you saw the concept for the 2016 Civic Coupe that debuted earlier in the year and haven’t managed to catch a glimpse of the version that appeared in November, there won’t be a great deal of catching up to do. The only major difference between the Civic Coupe that was on display and the earlier concept is the lower-body addenda. The Coupe, as always, appeals to a segment that doesn’t require the practicality of the sedan. Instead, it focuses on style while offering the other features that make the Honda Civic so appealing.

Differences from the Sedan

From the front, the Civic Coupe and Sedan look nearly identical. When you take a look at the rear, however, the differences become clear. The roof of the Coupe peaks right on top of the front seats, and the rear fenders have a beefier section thanks to the way the rear side glass works to taper in. There are also 5.5 inches less on the rear overhang, with the remaining portion offering finer sculpting and arcing taillamps. The 2016 Civic Coupe appears futuristic, fresh, and muscular, giving a sportier alternative to the Civic Sedan.

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