Treat Yourself To A Night Out At Old Market

Old Market

A really good, quality night out is hard to come by these days. With the same old routine of dinner and a movie, or dinner and then straight back home, there’s only so much you can do to mix it up and keep nights out interesting. For those looking for a slightly different experience, we want to direct your attention to The Old Market. The Old Market in Omaha just screams old world charm from the minute you set foot on the cobblestone streets. Take your pick from all of the restaurants, shops, and art galleries for your dream date night or just a night out of the house! The best part about all of these options is that you can keep mixing and matching to switch things up; you never have to be bored again!

The Food

Where to begin… there’s really just about everything you can think of. Dolci Old Market offers authentic Italian desserts and pastries, Jams American Grill provides a melting pot of different foods, and Le Bouillon specializes in bringing you farm-to-table French cuisine, just to name a few. The options are truly limitless!

The Shops

After a meal, or while you’re waiting to be seated, take a stroll around the market and see what the shops have to offer. Homer’s Music & Gifts sells CDs and vinyl, Old Market Sundries sells souvenirs, and of course, no visit could be complete without popping into Old Market Candy Shop for some local sweets!

The Art

The Old Market has nine different art galleries to choose from, so you can end your night with some culture by viewing these thought-provoking pieces. From Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts to Artists’ Cooperative Fine Arts Gallery, you can’t go wrong by mixing up your traditional date night with a gallery viewing.

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What’s Next?

If your visit — or visits — still aren’t enough for you, you always have the option to stay for a night, weekend, or extended stay. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the list of local apartments and hotels here.

Your date night will never be the same thanks to The Old Market! Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

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