Think You’re A Foodie? Come To The Foodie Club!


Pizza, tacos, burgers, french fries, sushi ⁠— whatever your number one favorite food is, it’s probably been covered at an ⁠Omaha Foodie Club meeting! Each month, this group meets up to talk about everything food-related, and learn more about their favorite spots and bites.

If you like to post photos of your food, style your plates to look the best, or just enjoy trying new things and learning facts about food, you should definitely check out the foodie club and get connected with others with the same interests. There’s no telling what you’ll learn while you enjoy a local dish!

This Month’s Meeting

Blatt Beer & Table is the setting for this month’s meeting, which marks the 14th official meeting of the group! Blatt has four locations: one in Dallas, and three different locations in Omaha at Shops of Legacy, Flagship Commons, and North Downtown. This meeting will be at the Shops of Legacy location, 2835 South 170th Plaza #200 Omaha, NE 68130.

Some popular dishes on the menu include: The Root Burger, which features red quinoa & roasted beet, oat-topped wheat bun, tomato, red onion, garlic dill pickles, veganaise, and sprout; Down South Pork, which features smoked pulled pork, jalapeño cornbread waffle, Blatt BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw, red onion, garlic dill pickles, and served open-faced; and Truffle Mac, which takes Blatt Mac to the next level with with applewood-smoked bacon, peas, and truffle oil.

So get your cameras and your mouth ready for an incredible experience!

Get your ticket today for $4. While the ticket does save your seat, it doesn’t pay for your meal. Whatever is leftover from the fees will go to purchasing appetizers for the table.

About The Club

In June of 2018, the idea to start the club was born from members of the Omaha community who wanted to expand their love of food, and palets, all at the same time. Since the founding, it has grown from 12 food-lovers to almost one hundred dedicated Omaha foodies.

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Past Meetings

In previous months, here is where the Omaha Foodie Club has gotten a bite to eat:

  • In April, they met at The Banh Mi Shop
  • In June, they met at 712 Eat + Drink
  • In July, they met at Hook and Lime

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