Learn About Your City When You Take An Omaha History Tour

Omaha History Tour

How much do you actually know about Omaha? Whether you’ve lived here for a few months or your entire life, there are probably some fun facts that you still don’t know about this city you call home. While you could always get online and look up information about the city or read a book about it, there are better ways to learn about the history and the culture of the area. Why not take an Omaha History Tour? You’ll get the chance to learn a lot you may not yet know about Omaha, and it’ll help you see your city in a brand-new way. Sound interesting? Get more information on what you’ll see when you take a tour.

Boys Town

Boys Town is one of the most interesting places in Omaha, and you’ll get a good glimpse of it when you take a tour of the city. Check out the historic chapel, the museum, gardens, and more. Don’t forget about taking a visit to Father Flanagan’s house, either.

Florence Mill and Bank Museum

The Gold Rush had a massive impact on Omaha’s history, as the area drew families in from around the rest of the country. Learn about how the mill played a role in the history of this area, and you’ll understand Omaha from a unique perspective.

The Durham Museum

Do you love visiting museums? You don’t have to travel somewhere new to check one out. Visit the Durham Museum to see what it has to offer. It’s in a 1930s-style art deco train station, which gives it a cool vibe you can’t find anywhere else. It houses one of the rarest coin collections in the world, and you can even try a soda from the 1930s-era soda fountain.

Joslyn Castle

Did you know that Omaha has a distinctive Scottish influence? You may not have realized it before, but once you take a trip to this castle, you’ll see it in a whole new light. This is one part of the tour you don’t want to miss.

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Mormon Trail Center

The early Mormons made a significant pilgrimage back in the winter of 1846, which is memorialized at the Mormon Trail Center. You won’t believe what these people went through. Learn more about the challenging journey when you visit this center.

See? There’s so much to learn about when you live in or around Omaha. Do yourself a favor and book yourself a trip for you and your family today.

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