Visit Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Imagine embarking on an adventure that takes you through 160 acres of animals, habitats, and plants from around the globe. It might seem impossible to do without hopping on a plane, but that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Plus, it’s much cheaper than a plane ticket. Adult admission is $16.95, while kids 3-11 get in for $10.95. Seniors 65 and over save a buck off the adult admission.

Will this be your first time visiting the zoo? It’s huge, so you can get overwhelmed. Check out some highlights so you’ll be ready to tackle the adventure.

Aquarium Shark Reef

The aquarium’s shark reef tunnel is easily one of the most popular attractions at the Omaha zoo. As you traverse the 70-foot tunnel, you’ll watch turtles, sharks, and rays circle above your head. You’ll feel like you’re swimming in the ocean as you walk through the tunnel.

Asian Highlands Exhibit

The zoo completed its 8-acre Asian Highlands exhibit in 2019 and it’s already a huge hit. When you walk through the exhibit, you’ll be taken through a representation of the grasslands of northern Indian all the way to Nepal’s Himalayan cliffs. You’ll encounter different species along the way, including bears, goral, and red panda. The snow leopards and Amur tigers are the highlights, though. The exhibit is beautiful and it’s amazing to watch these animals in their natural habitats.

Desert Dome

The Desert Dome is also a must-see. This dome holds the world’s largest indoor desert and it contains animals and plants that you would find in the Red Centre, Namib Desert, and Sonoran Desert. Stop by the special room on your way out so you can see baby amphibians and reptiles that just hatched.

Lied Jungle

The Lied Jungle might be the zoo’s most well-known attraction. The huge indoor rainforest exhibit is fully immersive, so you’ll feel like you are walking through a real jungle. Wildlife, plants, and sights that you would see in three different jungle environments come together right here. Pay special attention to the trees, where you’ll see gibbons swinging as you walk by.

Fun Events

The zoo also hosts events throughout the year, and some are geared toward adults. Trivia night is a great way to spend some time with other adults while testing your knowledge. The next two Trivia Nights are on March 12 and April 16 in the Lozier Giant Screen Theater, and both events are 21 and over. If you’re a zoo member, you can grab a spot for $18, and if you’re not a member, your ticket will cost $20. The theme on March 12 is Friends TV, while April 16 will cover Harry Potter.

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And So Much More

While these are the highlights, they don’t even touch the surface of what you can experience at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. You can easily go back repeatedly and experience something new. From exhibits to events, there’s always a reason to visit the zoo.

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