Ponca Hills Farm Offers Horseback Riding Lessons

Whether you’ve never ridden a horse in your life or it’s been years, it’s worth taking lessons from a professional. That way, you can learn or freshen up on the basics and, over time, develop your skill. By choosing Ponca Hills Farm, you’ll have a blast but also learn how to horseback ride safely and responsibly.

Having a Good Time

The expert trainers at Ponca Hills Farm want every student to have fun. Although horseback riding lessons involve education about the animal, tack, control, and more, students leave with smiles on their faces. Because of their positive experiences, they’re eager for more.

Diverse Horseback Riding Lessons

When you first start, you’ll ride in an enclosed area. However, when you’re ready, you’ll venture into the beautiful countryside. There, you’ll gain an even greater appreciation for horses and what it means to ride.

Ponca Hills Farm’s Policies

To enjoy this opportunity, you’ll need to learn and follow the rules established by Ponca Hills Farm. Those include:

  • Ponca Hills Farm provides riding lessons to boys and girls seven years and older.
  • Beginners must first take private lessons. However, after honing their skills, they’ll move up to group lessons.
  • The trainers strongly recommend one lesson per week.
  • Along with riding, students learn how to groom their lesson horse, as well as tack it. Also, they learn the proper way to return their horse to its stall and place the tack in its place.
  • Every student must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before their scheduled horseback riding lesson.
  • You can’t wear anything that dangles from the body, including scarves and jewelry.
  • If you have long hair, you’ll need to keep it in a ponytail or bun.
  • You can’t chew gum during horseback lessons.

Proper Attire

For both comfort and safety, Ponca Hills Farm provides every student with a list of proper attire. If you decide to take horseback riding lessons, you can purchase the items needed at The Paddock in Omaha. Otherwise, you can shop online at Stage Line Tack. Here are the clothing items you’ll need:

  • An ASTM-certified riding helmet
  • Breeches, schooling tights, or jodhpurs
  • Fitted top and a belt. While taking lessons, you’ll need to keep your top tucked in. That way, the trainer can observe your body’s position. With that, they can provide you with accurate instructions or corrections if needed.
  • Tall riding or paddock boots
  • If it’s cold outside, you’ll also need a vest or short jacket to keep you warm.

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Let the Fun Begin

There’s a sense of magic associated with horseback riding. If you’ve wanted to do this for a long time, contact Ponca Farm Hills to sign up for expert lessons.

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