Go On A Breakfast Date To Saddle Creek Breakfast Club

BreakfastOmaha has quite the breakfast scene. Those looking for just about any meal can easily be satisfied at just about any spot they pick. However, there’s one restaurant that seems to completely stand out from the rest and needs to be added to your list of “Must Try’s” very soon. We’re talking about Saddle Creek Breakfast Club! Great food, modern atmosphere, and top-notch quality are what costumers have come to expect, and you can expect the same when you go out to brunch with your fam this weekend!

Killer Menu

Brunching, lunching, and breakfast-ing are all made easier and more fun at Saddle Creek. This is the kind of place you come when you have a lot of hard-to-please people, and want everyone to leave happier than they entered. Popular dishes are the french toast, banana pancakes, ham and eggs, American burger, and the three different toast options which includes a special strawberry rhubarb jam spread.

Allergy Accommodations

Having an allergy or special diet can really be a pain. Especially when it comes to going out to eat. Having to plan where you go based on what accommodations they offer is not ideal, but that’s not anything you have to worry about at Saddle Creek Breakfast Club. They have several special options to make dining out easy for you!

When you look at the menu, you’ll notice that vegan options have their own section labeled “Vegan.” But it’s not your typical vegan menu — this is the real deal. Some things you can order include mushroom toast, chickpea toast, English breakfast, chickpea omelet, and tofu rancheros. You will not be sacrificing taste or flavor here! Vegan lunch options are just as fire, with favorites like vegan chili, vegan lox, and banana bread french toast.

If you have a gluten allergy, there are several menu items that you can order as-is, such as the Saddle Creek Standard with fruit instead of a muffin. Or, if you don’t want to give up bread with your meal, ask about a gluten-free replacement. They have fresh gluten-free bread and other options to meet your needs. Now that’s dedication to customers!

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O’Daniel Honda

If that strawberry rhubarb jam doesn’t cure your sweet tooth, then maybe a sweet deal will do the trick. We’re very confident that we can put a good taste in your mouth towards our dealership, and send you off in the brand new Honda of your dreams!

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