Stay Warm: Get Your Heater Checked

As the winter season will be here for a bit, you want to make sure that the heater inside your car is working properly. After all, you do not want to spend your entire time on the road shivering. If you are currently experiencing trouble with your car’s heater, then it could be one of several reasons.

Broken Thermostat

The most common cause of your heater not working is a faulty thermostat, which may be stuck closed or open. This can ultimately affect your engine’s cooling system, so you will want to schedule service to get that fixed.

Damaged Heater Fan

Your vehicle may have plenty of antifreeze getting into the car’s heater core; but if the heater fan is damaged, then it won’t do you much good because the fan will not be blowing any heat into the cabin.

Faulty Blower Motor Resistor

Your issue, however, may not be the heater fan itself but the blower motor resistor. If the blower motor resistor is malfunctioning, then you may not be able to control the fan speed setting.

Low Coolant

Another common issue with a car’s heater is that there are low levels of coolant or antifreeze. Dropped levels of coolant/antifreeze cannot reach the heater core, which will keep your cabin feeling chilly.

Faulty HVAC Controls

The actual heater may be completely fine, but if your car’s buttons, knobs, or haptic feedback touchscreens are malfunctioning due to a short or broken dial, then it cannot prompt the heating system.

Clogged Heater Core

Less common of an issue than others, a clogged heater core could be the culprit of your heater not functioning. Whether it is from debris that gets stuck into the heater core or the radiator rusting from the inside, a clogged heater core means you will have to either refurbish or replace it.

Schedule Service for Your Heater Today

No matter what could be causing your vehicle’s heater to malfunction, you need it work properly. This is especially true during the frigid winter season. If you are experiencing heater problems, then schedule auto service at O’Daniel Honda today.

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