What to Pack in Your Honda Odyssey before the Next Family Road Trip


Load up your Honda Odyssey and take your family on a fun road trip across the country or just a few states away. No matter how far you plan on going, the Odyssey is the perfect option for a road trip. It can fit the entire family, or you can fold down the third row of seats if you have a smaller family and take advantage of extra cargo room. No matter where you are heading, here are some things to take with you.

Honda Odyssey Entertainment

Before you leave your house, grab your children’s favorite DVDs or games so they can watch or play on the Ultrawide Rear Entertainment System. With a 16.2-inch screen that splits and wireless headphones, they can even pick different movies to watch at the same time without disturbing you. To keep you and your front passenger entertained, make sure you have your favorite music on CDs, an MP3 player, or your smartphone.

Snacking in the Honda Odyssey

Even if you just pack a few granola bars and some bottles of water, you want to have some sort of snack and drink in the Odyssey before a long road trip. Your kids are likely to get hungry before you are ready to stop for a meal, and you may need a bite to keep your energy going. The Odyssey can easily fit a cooler in the cargo area. If you aren’t using all the seats, fold one down and put a cooler there. Throw in some healthy snacks, like fruit and vegetables. Even if you pack chips, you don’t have to worry about crumbs, because the HondaVAC is right in your Odyssey to help you clean up.

Pack an Emergency Kit for the Honda Odyssey

Don’t forget to pack a small emergency kit before hitting the road, especially if you are driving to an unfamiliar area. It should include some blankets, flashlights, food, water, and a basic first aid kit. It also helps to have flares, cones, a spare tire kit, and some duct tape on hand in case somethings happens to your Odyssey.

Before your next family road trip in your Honda Odyssey, bring your minivan to the service center at O’Daniel Honda. Our team will make sure it is in perfect condition and up to your vacation before you leave Omaha, Nebraska.

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