Go Head To Head: Accord Vs. Camry

Red 2020 Honda AccordIn an automotive landscape that sometimes seems overrun with crossovers and SUVs to the exclusion of practically anything else, it’s good to know there are still some solid midsize sedans out there. And it makes sense that two of the top contenders in this segment come from two of the biggest names in automotive: Honda and Toyota. If you’re trying to decide on a midsize car that checks off all the right boxes, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. There’s a lot that both of these cars do right. Read on to see how they stack up in a couple of important areas.

Seat Comfort

The 2020 Accord is all about comfort. Slide into its spacious and well-appointed cabin and you can experience that for yourself. The seating in both rows is supportive and just plush enough, inviting passengers to settle in and enjoy the ride. Available upgrades can further enrich the Accord with premiums like buttery leather upholstery and options for heated, ventilated, and power-adjustable seats. While the Toyota Camry also offers a roomy cabin that’s comfortable enough for daily drives, you may find it lagging a bit behind the supreme offerings of the Accord. Small differences like these add up to a big advantage for Honda’s midsize sedan.

Cargo Space

When you’re traveling with a full load of passengers and all their gear, stockpiling a week’s worth of groceries, or heading out of town for a getaway, cargo room is an important consideration. No one wants a car that forces them to leave things behind or pare down to the bare essentials. With the Accord, you won’t have to. This car provides a remarkably roomy trunk space that measures at 16.7 cubic feet. Extra cargo versatility comes from the split folding rear seat, which can accommodate longer or awkwardly shaped items with ease when you’re not at full passenger capacity. The Toyota Camry’s trunk comes in at just 14.1 cubic feet in the base model and gains 1 cubic foot in the other trims – a deficit that makes a big difference in utility.

Cabin Quality

The Honda Accord feels refined and sophisticated on the inside, thanks to a thoughtful and streamlined design that puts quality materials and tons of tech at your fingertips. In the upper trims, with their upgraded materials and features, it would be easy to take the Accord for a luxury car. And while the Toyota Camry is no slouch in cabin quality, it has been called out for insufficiently filtering out road noise. Things like this make the quiet and upscale Accord the clear winner in cabin quality.

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